Why Sponsor the JK Academy?


Wide-span Promotion

The JK Academy is based at The Edge Sports Centre, Haslemere - and has x18 Youth Teams, all of whom play regular matches against other teams from all of the 'big' local towns (Godalming, Guildford, Petersfield, Farnham)- as well as against Academies from larger local areas (Portsmouth, Havant, Aldershot, Camberley, Woking, Leatherhead, Staines - even as far as Brighton, Southampton, Reading or South London, etc).

This would allow our Sponsors to advertise their brand to lots of prospective new clients - not only locally, but also on a wider geographic scale as well.


Exciting Upcoming Brand

Our JK Academy set up is relatively new (in comparison to other local clubs), however our good reputation is rapidly growing - and our Academy teams have been very successful thus far (Good results against Chelsea FC, Portsmouth FC & Brighton FC, amongst others - as well as great success in Local Tournaments).

This would contribute towards a positive image for our Sponsors as well - by aligning their brand with a growing, professional environment for local youth players to play and develop their skills.



Local Advertisement Opportunities

Our Main Sponsors will be able to add their brand on any of our advertising materials (banners, signs, etc) - which are displayed around certain local Leisure Centres and Schools in the area, and are also displayed at all Tournaments and Events that we attend.

Our Main Sponsor's logo will also be added to our flyers -  which are distributed every Term, to every child in every school in Haslemere and surrounding areas. Our Main Sponsors will also enjoy their brand displayed on the JK Coaching Vehicle (which is driven around Haslemere & surrounding areas on a regular basis), 

This would all contribute towards an abundance of advertising opportunities for our Main Sponsors to enjoy within the local area, through our own promotion - at no extra effort to our Sponsors.

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