Venue Options

We can help you to book a venue for the party if needed, please see below a list of our usual JK Coaching Party Venues (of which we enjoy discounted rates):

- Shottermill Junior School (Astro/Hall) = £30 (2 hour slot)

- The Edge Sports Centre (Grass) = £40 (2 hour slot)

- The Edge Sports Centre (Astro/Hall) = £70 (2 hour slot)

- Home venue/venue that you provide = no extra cost

Football Party Activities

Tournament/Mini Matches


Participants will be put into small teams and play against each other, with a final at the end to determine a winner. 

Penalty Shootout


This well known, nail-biting competition involves players attempting to score a penalty against a goalkeeper. 

Crossbar Challenge


This popular competition is where participants take it in turns to take a free kick, attempting to hit the crossbar. 



This newly created activity sees participants attempt to kick their football to hit a target in as few shots as possible. 

Football Tennis


This exciting activity combines the rules of tennis, by attempting to play a football over the net against another team. 



This fun activity combines the rules of rounders/cricket, by attempting to run round bases after kicking a football.